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Users and OUs in Active Directory

Project type

Active Directory


Dec 2023



"I created various departmental organizational units and users in Active Directory. Subsequently, I logged in with each user individually. Afterward, I intentionally attempted to lock the account by entering incorrect passwords more than five times to trigger an account lockout. Following that, I reset the password, unlocked the account, and finally, disabled it."


Create Organizational Units (OUs) and Users:

Open Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC).
Create OUs to organize your departments.
Create user accounts within these OUs.
Login with Users:

Use the created user accounts to log in to a workstation or server.
Ensure that you remember the correct passwords for these users.
Lock Account by Entering Incorrect Passwords:

On a Windows machine, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose "Change a password" or "Lock this computer."
Attempt to log in with the wrong password more than 5 times.
Unlock the Account:

If the account gets locked, you can unlock it using the following steps:
In ADUC, right-click on the locked user account.
Select "Properties."
Go to the "Account" tab.
Uncheck the "Account is locked out" option.
Disable the Account:

To disable the account, follow these steps:
In ADUC, right-click on the user account.
Select "Disable Account."

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